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Expanders 6.6.0

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Koen De Cock
Koen De Cock
R&D Engineer


The expansion resources below provide Expanders 6.6.0.


Expander development changes

Expanders 6.6.0 mainly focuses on improvements for Expander development.

Type attribute for uses

Uses statements in mapping file can now have a type attribute. The way the type is resolved in specific to the import strategy.

For java import, you can now add static imports by adding type="static".

  <uses type="static" eval="'net.democritus.sys.NullDataRef.EMPTY_DATA_REF'"/>

@import parameters

The @imports statement in Expander templates can now have one or more parameters. These parameters in case you have multiple types of imports in the same artifact (e.g. in Angular).

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There is now support for renaming Expanders, changing packages or changing the artifact location. By defining an ExpanderRelocation DataResource, you can redirect Features and harvest files to the new location, so that everything still works the same way after the change.

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