Upgrading the Prime Radiant

If you don’t have any NSF installation yet, follow the Installation Guide.

  1. Stop Prime Radiant
  2. Download an upgrade zip for the latest release
  3. Unpack the zip outside of NSF_ROOT directory
  4. Open terminal and execute
     cd <unpacked zip directory>
     # Windows
     # Linux
    • For additional information, consult README.md in the unpacked directory.
  5. Start Prime Radiant
  6. Open Software Configs | PrimeBase (http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/primeBase/all)
    • select base PR (or PR 3.0)
    • Update Prime Radiant Location
    • Import Base Components
    • Update Prime Radiant
    • Update PR Settings

Your Prime Radiant should now be fully upgraded.