Starting the Prime Radiant

Execute the following in a terminal.

See also NSF_ROOT.

# Windows
# Linux

During the startup, you will see a single statement does not generate a result set exception. This is an expected failure which you can safely ignore.

Wait until you see a message : JOnAS AS v5.1.4 named 'jonas' RUNNING. Then you can access Prime Radiant via browser at http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/.

WARNING Do not close this terminal, as it will stop Prime Radiant itself.

Note that many tasks (e.g. model import) executed within Prime Radiant will output additional information to the terminal, so keep it at hand. Alternatively you can find the log outputted here at –TODO logs url– or in –TODO PR log file–.

NOTE Windows only: selecting text in the terminal will freeze any execution (Prime Radiant will bocome unresponsive). Fix it by right-clicking in the terminal or pressing any key.