Technical Infrastructure Settings

Software Configs | TechnicalInfrastructure (http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/technicalInfrastructure/all)

The technical infrastructure setting controls which version of each technology is used.

You can choose different settings for each Application Instance (via ApplicationInstance.technicalInfrastructure).


<technicalInfrastructure name="3.1 JEE 6">
  <fullName>Version 3.1 JEE 6</fullName>
  <!-- jee '5' when empty -->
  <!-- or <jonasVersion>jonas-full-5.2.4</jonasVersion> -->

JEE Version

With the 2017.12 release, the technical infrastructure setting can be configured with JEE version to compile against JEE6 or JEE7.

The following example shows how to configure the technical infrastructure setting to use JEE 6:

For JEE 5, only the ejb3.0 ext folder is available. JEE >5 provides in addition ejb3.1 ext folder to the logic layer. This can be used to implement JEE version specific implementations. E.g. if a bean uses features only available in ejb 3.1.

ejb3.1 folder in the ext folder of the logic layer

NOTE It is possible to provide the version with the JEE_VERSION env variable.