Prime Radiant Release 2021.0.0



Auto-Closing Consoles and Execution Logs

All popup consoles now automatically close if the task succeeded. No more endless manual closing. If the task failed, the console will remain opened as expected.

If you want to see the log of auto-closed console (or a manually closed one), you can do so via Execution Logs.

Accessible via menu entry “Internal > Execution Logs”, you will find all previous tasks that you’ve executed.

Unified Prime Radiant Update Action

All tasks necessary for updating/upgrading Prime Radiant are now grouped under a single Update All action.

If you need to access the individual actions (e.g. for debugging), add ?showAllActions=1 to the URL.

Easier Application Import

When importing new application to Prime Radiant, you can now run source base scan directly from the import window.

Legacy Generate Menu Action

For projects using nsx-default-stack v2021.1.0+, it is no longer necessary to run the Generate Menu action. Instead, a new default-complete profile is automatically generated by expanders.

The “Generate Menu” action will be completely removed in the future.

NOTE See Menu for more information on these changes and menus.

Overlay Removal

Overlay action has been completely removed.

You should be able to remove all associated scripts from your project, these are:

  • file applications/{appName}/overlay_application_{appName}.bat (or .sh)
  • directory applications/{appName}/windows (or linux)

NOTE If you need to migrate a script, please see overlay docs.

Bulk Actions

(Available since Prime Radiant 2020.9.6)

  • Added bulk delete actions
    • ctrl-click to select multiple rows individually
    • shift-click to select a range of rows
    • double-click to select all rows
  • Added variable page sizes

Other Changes

  • Cleaned up most (all?) obsolete task/actions/buttons. If there’s a button somewhere, it should work.
  • Rewritten deployment management batch scripts to groovy. This also fixes several bugs and/or provides better error messages in some edge cases.
    • Also a required step for full linux support.
  • Fixed NsfBase synchronization failing when encountering inaccessible directories. Now they are skipped.