Upgrading the Prime Radiant

Stop Prime Radiant

  1. Stop Prime Radiant if running

Download and Execute Upgrade Zip

  1. Download and Upgrade Zip for the latest release
  2. Unpack the zip outside somewhere aside
  3. Double-click or execute from command line <unpacked-zip>/upgrade.bat (or <unpackged-zip>/upgrade.sh)
  4. Follow the script’s instructions
  5. Launch Prime Radiant as usual

Execute Internal Upgrade

NOTE: This step is required both for new installations, as well as every time an installation is upgraded.

Finally, you must execute upgrade/installation steps from within Prime Radiant.

  1. Open Prime Radiant in your browser http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/
    • (Optional) If you customized PRIME_RADIANT_BASE_PORT in custom_vars.bat, adjust the url accordingly
  2. Log in
    • default credentials are admin/testAdmin
  3. Navigate to PrimeBase page (Upgrade on Dashboard, via menu Upgrading > PrimeBase, or http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/primeBase/all)
  4. Select the available PrimeBase, click Update All, and wait for everything to finish
    • For more information on this page, see PrimeBase.
  5. Navigate to NsfBase page (via menu Upgrading > NsfBase, or http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/nsfBase/all)
    • Here you see all NsfBases configured in C:\primeradiant\config\nsfBases.xml, and additionally dist (internal distribution base).
  6. Click on Synchronize All button
    • Synchronize (All) scan NsfBase(s) and looks for all existing sourceBases (projects), expandBases (expansions), and deployBases (servers)
    • Prime Radiant console window also lists all found entries
    • Rerun this action when you add/remove new entries, such as cloning a new project to your workspace

Your Prime Radiant is now fully operational.