The Workspace folder contains the models and harvested code of each project.

Source base of an application is typically the root of a Git or Mercurial repository; that way one can simply clone their repository into workspace directory.

Standard directory structure under <NSF_ROOT>/workspace:

  • /<sourceBase.baseRoot>
    • /<>.xmlTODO to be introduced–
    • /applications
      • /<application.shortName>
        • /ext, /harvest, /test
          • code extensions, if any
        • /settings
        • /model
          • /<application.shortName>-<application.version>.xml
          • /instances
            • /<>.xml
    • /components
      • /<>
        • /ext, /harvest, /test
          • code extensions, if any
        • /model
        • /models
          • Note that these files are typically not used – directory format is the standard.
          • /<>-<component.version>.xml
          • /<>-model-<timestamp>/<>-<component.version>.xml
            • model backups

A basic application example:


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