This folder contains all the different open source components that are used in the current ‘NSF technology stack’. It is possible that some projects require different software versions of some of these technologies (the JDK and JOnAS components for example). If this is the case, you should add the folder to the main infrastructure folder in a way similar to the original component, making sure to respect the naming scheme (beware of extra dots and dashes!).

This infrastructure is required both for running Prime Radiant, as well as any application deployed from Prime Radiant.

  • Java JDK (TechnicalInfrastructure.javaVersion)
    • <INFRA>/<javaVersion>/<Windows|Linux>/<javaVersion>
    • <INFRA>/jdk1.6.0_22/<Windows|Linux>/jdk1.6.0_22 (3.0 default TechnicalInfrastructure)
    • <INFRA>/jdk1.7.0_51/<Windows|Linux>/jdk1.7.0_51 (3.0 Java 7 TechnicalInfrastructure)
    • <INFRA>/jdk1.8/<Windows|Linux>/jdk1.8 (3.2 Java 8 TechnicalInfrastructure)
  • Build Tools (Chosen based on GlobalOptionSettings.buildEngine – see GlobalOptionSettings).
    • <INFRA>/apache-ant-1.9.4
      • TODO Note that TechnicalInfrastructure.antVersion is ignored–
    • <INFRA>/apache-maven-3.0.5 (TechnicalInfrastructure.mavenVersion)
      • TODO Note that TechnicalInfrastructure.mavenVersion is ignored–
  • Application Server (TechnicalInfrastructure.jonasVersion)
    • <INFRA>/jonas-full-5.1.4 (Used by Prime Radiant <4.X.Y)
    • <INFRA>/jonas-full-5.2.4
    • TODO It is not yet possible to configure TomEE or other application server–

The <INFRA>/dependencies folder contains dependency jar files for when using ANT to build. Some of the jars are used by several helper scripts, however such use is being phased out.

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