Importing Applications

This guide will detail how to import an application from another developer in the Prime Radiant, in order to run it. This guide assumes a couple of things.

Cloning a repository

First, clone the repository from bitbucket into your workspace folder.

Importing the application

Before importing the application into the Prime Radiant, we need to create a custom SourceBase. In this SourceBase, select Nsf base 3.0, Subspace [workspace] and the folder name of the application as the Base root. When working in teams, it is convenient to all use the same SourceBase name.

Afterwards, in the Application menu, click the import button. Select the xml file in workspace/repo-name/applications/comp-name/model, set the model repository to the sourcebase previously created, and confirm.

Should the xml file specified above does not exist, this would mean the application file was not exported. If this is the case, the component will need to be imported. To do this, manually create the component for the application using the information provided in the /components/[name]/models/[name].xml file. After entering the information in the create screen, go to the Perform Tasks tab and import the xml model file. Afterwards, you will need to manually create the application in order to deploy it.

After importing, additional configuration may be required, depending on the technology used in the application.