Changes 3.2.0

‘Resources’ anchor in component metadata

The ComponentMetaData has received an extra configuration method to build ‘ResourceDef’s’. The can be used for registering beans that do not belong to standard elements.

E.g. developers have added a custom bean ‘MessageObserverBean’ that needs to be available through jndi. They can add the MessageObserverBean as a ResourceDef in teh ComponentMetaData.

additional id’s and classes on html templates

Extra id’s and css classes have been added to templates to make it easier for testers to find the right elements.

noClientLayer, noViewLayer, noControlLayer, noProxyLayer, noLogicLayer

Several no_Layer options have been implemented on both component level and dataElement level.

The implementation is still rough, so removing random layers from components might lead to uncompilable projects.


If environment variable NO_PROVISION_FILES is set to TRUE, provision files will not be generated. This may speed up expansion time.

Provision files are scripts generated to provision the database of an application through RMI. However, they are not always used.

redundant ANT scripts

ANT files are no longer generated for Maven. A bug in the expanders caused some build scripts for ANT to be generated under Maven in previous versions.

Application info

A tooltip is generated in expanded projects that provides some information on the project. This includes expander settings, expansion-time information and some statistics on customizations.

The information is stored in a properties file under the application shared folder. There is an anchors where developers can add additional information.

The component option hideComponentMetaInfo prevents info about a component being added to

If the tooltip is unwanted, it is possible to overwrite the ‘scripts-after.jspf’ file in the layoutStyle or with an overlay.


Assets component in EJBPolicy=Local

In previous versions, the assets component could not be compiled if expanded with the settings EJBPolicy=Local. This was due to missing harvest files for some local interfaces in the logic layer.