NS Expanders

Now you have arrived to the heart of the matter, where we will give you the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the tools. This will enable you to contribute to our NS Tools and to take part in improving them. For an in-depth look at the theory behind normalized systems, take a look at the book:

Mannaert, H., Verelst, J. & Bruyn, P. (2016). Normalized systems theory from foundations for evolvable software toward a general theory for evolvable design. Kermt: NSI-Press.


Expansion is typically run by using the expanders maven plugin:

The plugin works by reading an expansionSettings.xml, which is typically found in a conf/ directory.


You can learn how to write new expanders by following these tutorials.

How to create and implement new Expanders, which generate artifacts based on the model:

How to implement new Features, which inserts code in feature anchors in other Expanders:

How to define models for tests:


How to set up an expansion-resource project:

Adding resources: