Rework 2019.5

Release 2019.5 contains a rework of the expander framework. The features of the expanders have been kept the same as the previous versions. The biggest changes will be in the use and extension of the expansion.


Nexus Downloads

Download latest Prime Radiant and NSF-3.0 upgrade:

Download all-in-one NSF installation:


Library Version
baseComponents 2019.5.2
elements 2019.5.4
elements-io 2019.1.1
elements-ioxml 2019.5.3
nsx-libraries 2019.5.0
nsx-prime 2019.5.3
nsx-runtime 2019.5.0
primeRadiant 2019.5.4
webStyles 2019.5.3

elements-io has been replaced by elements-ioxml, which is packaged together with the nsx-prime-*-jar-with-dependencies jar

Expansion Diff Tooling

To compare the differences with the previous expansion, the expansion-normalizer tool can be used (see Expansion Diff Tooling). This will remove non-functional variations from the expanded files to better expose the differences.

Harvest Sorting

With version > 4.0.0 of the expanders, the order of the anchors as they appear in the harvest files will have changed compared to the versions before that due to changes to the internal working.

See harvest sorting for more information.


See Expanders Changelog