Release 2020.6.0


WARNING: nsx-prime docker images are discontinued; 2020.6.1 is the last release

Expansion and Harvest Performance Improvements

  • Expanders 4.3.8 includes several drastic performance improvements.
    E.g Expanders 4.2.6 vs Expanders 4.3.8:

Colored Console and Console Improvements

  • Tasks in Prime Radiant will now show colored output and will no longer turn green when finished, making it easier to read the output of tasks. E.g. the maven build will show errors in a different color:
  • Tasks in the Prime Radiant can be stopped via ctrl+c / closing the window WILL kill the process

Improved error messages on import into the Prime Radiant

  • Import tasks will now report issues like missing options or missing component dependencies and show them at the end of the import. Combined with the coloring of errors, this will make it clearer what went wrong:

Clean Application Import

  • Import button on application page will now import the entire sourceBase (no need to select the application file anymore)
  • Both application import and component import now have a clean import option, which will remove the imported instances before reimporting them

Independent Expansion Runs

  • Expansion and harvest are executed through maven and is no longer tied to specific version of Prime Radiant

Update Notifications

  • The Prime Radiant will show a notification if a new release is available for the following releases.

UI Improvements

  • A link-field to assets::Asset can have the option assets.embeddedUpload, which will expand a file upload button for the form of your data-element.
    E.g. this example has an Image data element with a link-field asset with the option:

Other Improvements

  • Flow element now has a isService option that should replace the Service element. If added, instances processed by the flow will return to their begin state after execution.