Release 2020.1.0


Nexus Downloads

Full stack:

If you use hibernate, download the following zip and unpack jars inside it to <NSF>/infrastructure/tomee-plume-7.1.1/lib.

nsx-prime docker image: nsx-prime:2020.1.0-661

NS Modeler:

Reporting Issues:

  • Please report any issues here:

If you don’t have access, let me know on slack (Peter Uhnak).


Upgrade of 2020.1.0 CANNOT be used on 2019.x version. You have to use the full zip.

Backup Old NSF

Backup your old C:\NSF (to e.g. C:\NSF-2019)


Download all-in-one zip and unpack it to C:\NSF.

Copy your workspace directory from C:\NSF-2019 to C:\NSF.

Database Migration

If you want to keep your database from 2019.x, copy

C:\NSF-2019\infrastructure\tomee-plume-7.1.1\PR-BASE\hsqldb\db_primeRadiant.script to C:\NSF\infrastructure\tomee-plume-8.0.0\PR-BASE\hsqldb.

Prime Radiant Update

If you used your previous database, run all update actions in PrimeBase http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/primeBase/all , as well as in NsfBase http://localhost:9000/primeRadiant/elements/nsfBase/all .

As TomEE version has changed, you may need to update the Deployment tab of your Application Instances.

Infrastructure Changes


  • updated TomEE to 8.0.0 (from 7.1.1)
  • jdk7 now uses Zulu Community OpenJDK distribution
  • updated maven 3.6.3 (from 3.6.1)
  • added groovy 2.5.8


Library Version
baseComponents 2019.7.2
elements 2019.7.6
elements-ioxml 2019.7.8
expanders 4.0.9
nsx-libraries 2019.5.1
nsx-prime 2019.8.9
nsx-runtime 2019.7.1
primeRadiant 2019.7.6
webStyles 2019.7.2


See Expanders Changelog