Release 2019.7.1


Nexus Downloads

Full stack:

There is no full zip for 2019.7.1, please download full zip of 2019.7.0 and apply 2019.7.1 upgrade.

nsx-prime docker image: TBA

Alternative downloads:

NS Modeler:

Reporting Issues:

  • Please report any issues here:

If you don’t have access, let me know on slack (Peter Uhnak).


Library Version
baseComponents 2019.7.0
elements 2019.7.2
elements-io 2019.1.1
elements-ioxml 2019.7.2
expanders 4.0.6
nsx-libraries 2019.5.1
nsx-prime 2019.7.2
nsx-runtime 2019.5.1
primeRadiant 2019.7.2
webStyles 2019.7.0


See Expanders Changelog