Release 2018.12

Release 2018.12 contains a new version of the Prime Radiant.

No changes have been made to the baseComponents, webStyles or expanders.


Library Version
primeRadiant 2018.12.1
elements 2018.12.1
elements-io 1.2.0

Location of the upgrade zip

The upgrade zip can be found on trantor as PR-upgrades/PR-201803/publish/



The dashboard of the Prime Radiant has been updated.


The new dashboard contains a number of links:

  • Prime radiant: links back to the dashboard
  • Components: links to the Component page, where you can define new components and edit existing ones
  • Applications: links to the Application page, where you can import, define or edit applications

  • Upgrade: links to the NsfBase page, where you can upgrade the Prime Radiant *
  • Skeleton models: links to the ExpanderModel page, which shows the artefact types for each expander model **
  • Crafting repositories: links to the SourceBase page, where you can define new source bases and view which applications and components are linked to each source base
  • Utility settings: links to the Settings page, which combines the pages of GlobalOptionsSettings, PresentationSettings, BusinessLogicSettings and TechnicalInfrastructure

    *: The ‘upgrade prime radiant settings’ button has been moved to the settings page (see below) **: The artefact types are not up to date, but will be provisioned in one of the next updates

  • Library: links to the online Prime Radiant at stars end
  • Foundation: links to the online NSX documentation

Component page

The Component page has been altered to make to more readable.

  • The list of components has been moved to the left hand side of the page.
  • The search bar at the top can be accessed with the short-cut ctrl+alt+f.
  • If the search query is specific enough, the component will be automatically selected.
  • You can navigate your selection with up and down keys.

components page

Once a component has been selected, the right-hand view will show information on the component. The information has been separated into 3 different views:

  • Component view: shows the details view, options and dependencies of the component, along with buttons to edit and delete the component or other actions.
  • Elements view: shows all elements of the selected component.
  • Analysis view: shows the elements along with information for analysis purposes.

  • The import/export functionality has been moved to the top of the right hand view.
  • Edit, delete and auto-generate actions have been moved to the Component details view.

component page: elements

Application page

Similar to the Component page, the Application page has been modified as well.

application page

The application page also has 3 views:

  • Application view: shows the details view and instances of the application and provides a tab with additional actions (like importing extensions, insertions and .dd files) and generate a csv file to provision the mainScreen option
  • Flow view: shows the tab with data flow tasks and provides a button to export them as csv
  • Security: shows application access rights and provides a button to export them as csv

application page: application

Application instance pages

The ApplicationInstance page has been slightly updated. Apart from pure visual changes, the edit and delete buttons have also been moved to the details tab.

application instance page

Settings page

The Settings page has been created to group all application expansion settings. The import and export buttons will synchronize these settings with the NSF-3.0/repositories/settings folder of the Prime Radiant.

settings page


If you hold the shift key, the page will show a number of keystrokes which can be used to quickly access functionality on the page. Short-cuts have been added to the Component, Application and ApplicationInstance page.

It is also possible to unfocus an input field or close a dialog with the esc key.

components: shortcuts