Feature Track Epics

Feature track epics aim for a gradual and steady improvement in certain functional areas of the NS expanders throughout the various releases. We have already identified the following areas that will be developed in the coming months.

Name Description
Commands Improved support for commands, facilitating a more systematic implementation.
Advanced finders Enabling more efficient advanced finders, leading to less custom code.
Multi-element projections Better support for DTO’s containing data of multiple elements.
Transaction strategies Supporting systematic definition of task transaction attributes.
Manual tasks support Supporting better definition and state handling of user tasks.
Contract first services Improved support for web services based on a imposed contracts.

As enabled by the rewrite of the NS infrastructure software, progress in these feature tracks will initially be implemented in separate add-on expander projects and archives. These α versions will be made available to developers on the Normalized Systems Nexus. As these implementations mature, they will be included in the main expander library.