Changelog intellij-nsx-support

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1.10.2 (date n/a)

  • Another fix for POM element folding throwing up
  • Added POM <profile> folding support

1.10.1 (date n/a)

  • Excluded scratch files for the customFeature indexing

1.10.0 (date n/a)

  • Added tool window for detecting custom features. It will look for comments like // @feature:my-feature. Files will be grouped together based on the provided feature name. You can also add // @feature:my-feature:start and // @feature:my-feature:end around custom code.

1.9.5 (date n/a)

  • Fixed POM element folding sometimes throwing up during contents changes

1.9.4 (date n/a)

  • Suppress data resource loading error for main/resources

1.9.3 (date n/a)

  • Suppress data resource loading error for DataRefReference

1.9.2 (date n/a)

  • Added support for new schema URIs
  • Improvements in icon layer caching

1.9.1 (date n/a)

  • Fixed Java custom code detector not detecting imports & added caching layer

1.9.0 (date n/a)

  • Fixed files view breaking on mapping file (call to deprecated/removed createLayeredIcon)
  • Updated minimum IDEA version 2018.3 -> 2020.1
  • Added grouping of (AdditionalExpansion)Step files

1.8.2 (date n/a)

  • Updated default expander and feature temples
  • Fixed folding toggles

1.8.1 (date n/a)

  • Support more variants of source directories when creating expanders, features etc.

1.8.0 (date n/a)

  • Removed STG template & condition folding (now provided automatically by stg plugin 0.8+)

1.7.1 (date n/a)

  • Restore compatibility with stg plugin version 0.8

1.7.0 (date n/a)

  • Created copy handler for features
  • Improved support for uniform features

1.6.2 (date n/a)

  • Fixed issues with combo-boxes of expander form. They will now correctly select the initial values provided to the form as well as providing the correct values when copying or moving an expander.

1.6.1 (date n/a)

  • Implemented copying/moving an expander to a different module.

1.6.0 (date n/a)

  • Updated for IntelliJ 2020.1

1.5.0 (date n/a)

  • Added folding of pom plugins and dependencies (enable in Tools > NSX Support)
  • Added experimental action to fix custom-imports anchor (Code > Fix Custom Imports)

1.4.0 (date n/a)

  • Fixed incompatibility with prime-data 2020.4.0

1.3.16 (date n/a)

  • Fixed dataRef completion working only for specific XMLNS versions

1.3.15 (date n/a)

  • ‘ExpanderDev.NewExpanderFeature’: Automatically set selected Feature

1.3.14 (date n/a)

  • Fix issues with copying expanders for more recent versions of IntelliJ

1.3.13 (date n/a)

  • Fix menu labels

1.3.12 (date n/a)

  • ExpanderFeature dialog can now select expanders from the project’s dependencies

1.3.11 (date n/a)

  • Improved ExpanderFeature templates

1.3.10 (date n/a)

  • Added action ‘ExpanderDev.NewExpanderFeature’ to create new Expander Features

1.3.8 (date n/a)

  • Fixed nullPointerException in comboBox

1.3.6 (date n/a)

  • Added support for copying and moving expanders

1.3.5 (date n/a)

  • Added action ‘ExpanderDev.NewFeature’ to create new features

1.3.4 (date n/a)

  • Improved action ‘ExpanderDev.NewExpander’

1.1-SNAPSHOT (date n/a)

  • Added action ‘ExpanderDev.NewExpander’ to create new expanders

1.0-SNAPSHOT (date n/a)

  • Initial release