NS Releases and Roadmap

The following releases, with corresponding release notes, are currently available for download.

Latest Release 2020.5.0


  • ApplicationInstanceOption ejb3.useEjbInControl will add a javaee dependency to the control layer, which will be needed to, for example, create web-services in the control layer

  • ApplicationInstanceOption struts.version : 2.3 will force the expanders to expand towards struts 2.3.x for projects that have trouble upgrading to struts 2.5

  • Some other fixes for issues with backwards compatibility (see changelog)

  • Running the expansion requires java 8 or higher. (Projects can still be expanded for java 6 or 7, this is only at expansion time)


  • docker image: nsx-prime:2020.5.0

Just upgrading nsx-prime (when only using command line):

nsf update -v 2020.5.0

Previous Releases

Release 2020.4.0


  • Support for expansion-resources, which can now define dependencies, data-resources and model-resources (see expansion resource project)


  • upgrade

  • docker image: nsx-prime:2020.4.0

Release 2020.3.3



  • upgrade

  • docker image: nsx-prime:2020.3.3

Release 2020.1.0


  • updated TomEE to 8.0.0 (from 7.1.1)

  • jdk7 now uses Zulu Community OpenJDK distribution

  • updated maven 3.6.3 (from 3.6.1)

  • added groovy 2.5.8


  • full zip
  • docker image: nsx-prime:2020.1.0


See Expanders Changelog

Reporting Issues:

If you don’t have access, let me know on slack (Peter Uhnak).

Older Releases

Future Release Roadmap

The nature of the release roadmap for NS Tools in the near to mid term future, is closely related to the development strategy that distinguishes three levels of development.

  • Bug fixes and small features, identified in close interaction with our customers, that will be delivered in patches.
  • Feature track epics that aim for a gradual and steady improvement in certain functional areas through the various releases.
  • Major release themes which are introduced and/or taken to another level in one of the periodic quarterly releases of NS tools.