Import Application

DEPRECATED Information on this page is deprecated and applicable only to NSF <2019.5. See Import/Export instead.

The Prime Radiant provides functionality to import models. This functionality is also available to execute from the cmd line.

The class FullApplicationToPrime imports the entire application model. More specifically:

  • It will import the application model from applications/<application>/model/<application>-<version>.xml
  • It will import application instances from applications/<application>/model/instances/
  • It will import components defined in the application (baseComponents are not included). Component directories will be found in components/<component>/model/.

The API call looks like this:

java -cp %CP% net.democritus.elements.runner.FullApplicationToPrime applicationFile [directory] [options]

e.g. java -cp %CP% net.democritus.elements.runner.FullApplicationToPrime C:/temp/export/applications/euRent/model/euRent-1.0.xml C:/temp/export


For this to work the Prime Radiant must be running and the following jars must be included in the classpath:

  • client.jar
  • elements-io
  • elements-shared, elements-proxy
  • nsx-shared-common, nsx-common, nsx-logging


Order Argument Optional Description
1 application no Name (shortName) of the application
2 directory yes Directory from which to import the files. If not defined applicationPath and componentPath will be used.


Option Default Environment variable Description
-a,--applicationPath <arg> <local folder>/applications APPLICATION_PATH Path to the applications folder. Can be multiple paths separated by a ;.
-c,--componentPath <arg> <local folder>/components COMPONENT_PATH Path to the components folder. Can be multiple paths separated by a ;
-f,--useComponentFile false - Use the full component file instead of a component directory.
-u,--user <arg> admin - Username used to connect to the PR

Source folders

The source folders are defined in the same way as the target folder are defined for the export.