Getting started with NSX-prime CLI

To run expansion through command line:

  1. Export an application from the Prime Radiant using the full export on the application page
  2. Make sure the nsx-prime has been installed in the correct location (see NSF installation)
  3. Create alias for script: alias nsf="C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\nsx\prime\"
  4. call nsf init to generate the conf/expansionSettings.xml file (see expansion settings)
  5. run nsf expand to test expansion

Clean expansion/harvest

To clean the expansion folder before expansion or the ext folder before harvest, add the option --clean:

nsf expand --clean
nsf harvest --clean

You can also add the expansion options cleanExpansion and cleanHarvest instead:

nsf add-option --name cleanExpansion
nsf add-option --name cleanHarvest

nsf expand
nsf harvest

Force update of expander jars

Add the --update option to expand to force the update of every expanders jar in use:

nsf expand --update

You can also add the expansion option updateResources to force an update during each expand:

nsf add-option --name updateResources
nsf expand