Expansion from XML

DEPRECATED Information on this page is deprecated and applicable only to expanders <4.0. See NSX-Prime instead.

The class ExpandApplicationFromPath reads the application model from xml and expands the application.

The API call looks like this:

java -cp %CP% net.democritus.runner.ExpandApplicationFromPath application version [instance] [options]

e.g. java -cp %CP% net.democritus.runner.ExpandApplicationFromPath euRent 1.0 eurent_mvn


In order to expand the application from XML, the following jars are required:

  • elements-io
  • elements-shared, elements-proxy
  • nsx-shared-common, nsx-common, nsx-logging


Order Argument Optional Description
1 application no Name (shortName) of the application
2 version no Version of the application
3 instance yes If provided, the application will be expanded based on the application instance xml. (This requires the settings path to be set correctly)


Option Default Environment variable Description
-a,--applicationPath <arg> <local folder>/applications APPLICATION_PATH Path to the applications folder. Can be multiple paths separated by a ;.
-c,--componentPath <arg> <local folder>/components COMPONENT_PATH Path to the components folder. Can be multiple paths separated by a ;.
-e,--expansionsDir <arg> <local folder>/expansions DEMOCRITUS_ROOT_URI Target expansion directory.
-f,--useComponentFile false - Use the full component file instead of a component directory.
-i,--infrastructureDir <arg> <local folder>/infrastructure INFRA_ROOT Infrastructure directory (only require for ANT).
-l,--libDependencyPath <arg> - - Option to pass library dependency configuration file.
-q,--expanderConfig <arg> - - Option to pass expander configuration file.
-r,--clean false - Clean the expansion directory before expanding.
-s,--settingsPath <arg> <repositories folder>/settings (relative to REPOS_ROOT) Path to the settings folder.
-t,--repositoriesDir <arg> <local folder>/repositories REPOS_ROOT Path to the repositories folder.
-v,--verbose false - Print more output.
-w,--webStylesDir <arg> <local folder>/webStyles WEBSTYLES_ROOT_URI Path to the webStyles folder.
-x,--excludeDefaultExpanders false - (since expanders 3.2.2) Used in combination with --expanderConfig to only expand the defined expanders