Setting the Classpath

DEPRECATED Information on this page is deprecated and applicable only to expanders <4.0. See NSX-Prime instead.

To execute the NSF functions, a number of jar files need to be included in the classpath. This section will describe the use of each file and when you will need which.

The full classpath needed will look like this:

set CP=C:\NSF-3.0\infrastructure\jonas-full-5.1.4\lib\client.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\nsx-prime\elements-shared-3.1.3.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\nsx-prime\elements-proxy-3.1.3.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\nsx-prime\target\nsx-prime-2.6.2.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\nsfInstaller\expanders\lib\Expanders-3.1.7-jar-with-dependencies.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\repositories\elementsio\target\elements-io-1.1.9.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\infrastructure\dependencies\shared\common\lib\nsx-shared-common-3.0.12.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\infrastructure\dependencies\shared\common\lib\nsx-common-3.0.2.jar;C:\NSF-3.0\infrastructure\dependencies\shared\common\lib\nsx-logging-3.0.2.jar


versioning: latest

The nsx-prime jar contains classes for expanding, harvesting etc.


versioning: latest

The elements-io jar contains classes for communicating with the Prime radiant and reading/writing the XML model of the application. Needed for export, import as well as expanding, harvesting etc.

elements-shared, elements-proxy

versioning: latest

These libraries contains the meta-model of the Prime radiant. Needed for export, import as well as expanding, harvesting etc.


versioning: variable

These libraries contain the actual classes that generate the code for the project. Needed for expansion.

nsx-shared-common, nsx-common, nsx-logging

versioning: latest

Basic dependencies for most nsx libraries.


versioning: none

This jar contains all classes necessary to connect with the Prime radiant through RMI. Needed when importing, exporting or expanding and harvesting from the Prime radiant. This library is not needed when expanding or harvesting from XML.

JNDI_PROPS_URI environment variable

In order for communication with the Prime Radiant to work, the JNDI_PROPS_URI environment variable must be configured correctly to point towards the jndi conf folder of the server where the Prime Radiant is installed:

set JNDI_PROPS_URI=file:/C:/NSF-3.0/infrastructure/jonas-full-5.1.4/baseComponents/conf/jndi/