Tunnel Expanders

These expanders require an nsx-prime jar of version 2019.5.4 or higher.

To add the expanders to your expansion settings:

nsf add-resource --name "net.democritus.experimental:tunnel-expanders" --version "latest"

Method tunnel feature

This feature adds any number of extra methods to the bean of a dataElement and exposes it in the local and remote interfaces and both the agent and local agent.

To add a new method, add a Method descriptor file to the model folder:


E.g. if we want to add a method named getDistricts() to the dataElement City, we can add a file named:


The file contains the description of the method:

<method name="getDistricts">

This will generate a method of the form:

public SearchResult<DistrictDetails> getDistricts(ParameterContext<DataRef> parameters) {
  DataRef dataRef = parameters.getValue();
  // anchor:custom-getDistricts:start
  // anchor:custom-getDistricts:end

note that the method will not compile without a valid implementation