Report Expanders

These expanders require an nsx-prime jar of version 2019.7.2 or higher.

To add the expanders to your expansion settings:

nsf add-resource --name "net.democritus:report-expanders" --version "latest"

Application reports

When running expansion, the report-expanders will generate a docs directory that contains a json and report directory. The report directory contains a series of markdown files. You can use the build.groovy script to generate html files from them. (For this you will need to install groovy, pandoc and the github template for pandoc)

Generated artifacts

  • report/index contains links to summary and features, applicationInstances and the different component reports
  • report/applications/<application>/<version>/summary contains a summary of artifacts and custom code for different layers and technologies
  • report/applications/<application>/<version>/features contains a description of the custom features found in the custom code
  • report/**/index is expanded for each applicationInstance, component, dataElement etc. and contains information and links to child elements
  • report/**/artifacts/index contains a list of all artifacts generated for each expandable element
  • report/components/<component/tasks/index contains a mapping of all *Impl classes with custom code for each task element in the component

Expansion Resource report

If you wish to generate reports for a certain expander bundle, add the following option to your expansionSettings:

nsf config add-option --name report.generateExpansionBundleReport --value $groupId:$artifactId

The reports will be generated under report/expansionResource

Generated artifacts

  • report/expansionResource/expanders contains all expanders grouped by condition
  • report/expansionResource/features contains all features in the expansionResource with an explanation, their conditions and the code injected by the feature