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NS Initializer

The NS initializer is a command-line tool intended to set up new NS projects very quickly with all recommended defaults and a complete configuration for CI/CD.


For an overview, run nsinit -h.

Returns the help with an overview of all commands.
Returns the version of the ns-initializer.
--updateChecks for an updated version and downloads it to the target folder next to the initializer jar.
--extract-scriptsExtract the command-line scripts to the initializer jar file location.

Commands / project types

Aside from enabling you to kickstart application projects, the NS Initializer also supports expanders projects and initializer projects.

app, applicationSubcommand to initialize an application project.
expandersSubcommand to initialize an expanders project.
metamodelSubcommand to initialize an metamodel project.
initializerSubcommand to initialize an initializer project.