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Model Transmutations

Latest release: 2.4.2

Run transmuters to modify or update your model. Transmuters are designed to be idempotent, so you can run the transmutations each time you want to update your model after a change.

Some of the use-cases are:

  • Create a DataElement needed for a feature to work
  • Configure your models with a certain recommended feature
  • Automatically create useful model additions, such as Finders


To run a transmuter, use the expanders-maven-plugin:

mvn expanders:transmute-model -Dtransmutation=CreateFlowEnvironment

This run the transmutation on all valid elements in the model. You can also define a targetElement to run it on a single element or, using wildcards, on a subset of elements.

mvn expanders:transmute-model -Dtransmutation=CreateFlowEnvironment -DtargetElement=space::Starship
mvn expanders:transmute-model -Dtransmutation=CreateFlowEnvironment -DtargetElement=space::*


TransmutationElement TypeDescription
AddTaskLoggingelements::FlowElementAdd a TaskStatus DataElement for the target FlowElement unless it has the option excludeStatuses.
AddWorkflowClaimselements::FlowElementConfigure the Claims feature for for the target FlowElement.
CreateFlowEnvironmentelements::DataElementAdd a FlowElement and status field for the target DataElement.
CreateLinkFieldFinderselements::DataElementCreate a Finder for each LinkField on the target DataElement.