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To obtain the micro-radiant, you need to have a valid NSX Nexus account.


  • Both Java 17 (or higher) and a local Maven installation is required for the µRadiant to run correctly. The mvn executable should be available on the system path. A Maven settings.xml file must also be set up in one of the search locations for Maven with configuration to access the repository which distributes the µRadiant.
  • To view models in the micro-radiant, Graphviz must be installed.
  • Optionally, you can also install ns-initializer and ns-scripting:
    • ns-initializer adds support to create new applications and metamodel projects.
    • ns-scripting is used to script deployment in a portable way.


  • Download directly from Nexus
  • Install with Chocolatey:
    1. Install Chocolatey if needed.
    2. Set up Chocolatey with a new source:
      choco source add -n nsx-nexus -s -u my-nexus-username -p my-nexus-password
    3. Install ns-initializer with or without 3rd party dependencies (Java, Maven, ...):
      • With dependencies:
        choco install micro-radiant
      • Without dependencies:
        choco install ns-scripting.install ns-initializer.install micro-radiant.install
  • Download using Maven:
    mvn dependency:copy "-Dartifact=net.democritus.editor:micro-radiant-windows-installer:1.15.9:exe" "-DoutputDirectory=."