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Deploying applications


Deployment in de µRadiant uses npm to execute scripts, which means it needs to be installed for the deployment to work.

The expansion page of a project can have support to deploy your application. This is based on a package.json script, which is checked into the repository and provides the scripts to start and stop your application.

Docker deployment with nsInit


An installation of NS Scripting is required to execute the deployment scripts that are generated by the NS Initializer.

New applications created with nsInit v3.14.0+ have the option to create scripts to deploy the application to a docker container. Enable both docker and scripts to generate them.

A package.json file will be generated to execute the scripts.

Custom deployment scripts

You can set up deployment scripts yourself by creating a package.json containing scripts for start, stop and optionally, update-ear:

"scripts": {
"my-local-deployment:update-ear": "...script to copy ear to deploy directory...",
"my-local-deployment:start": "...script to start application...",
"my-local-deployment:stop": "...script to stop application..."