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Expansion Diff

Use the expansion diff tool to compare the expanded artifacts of 2 different expansionSettings. You can use this to see the changes between expander versions or when adding options.

Download the jar:

mvn dependency:copy "" "-DoutputDirectory=."

Run expansion-diff with:

java -jar expansion-diff-tool-1.6.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar <oldExpansionSettingsFile> <newExpansionSettingsFile>

Additional arguments

-V, --versionPrints the version of the application.
--helpPrints documentation.
-e, --exclude=<exclude>Filter files matching a glob pattern.
-f, --pomXml=<pomXml>pom.xml to expand with. (default: pom-expansion.xml)
-o, --output=<outputFile>Target file to write output to. If not defined, output will be written to stdout.
--simplifyReduce the number of diffs for the same expander.
--skipExpansionSkip expansion and only compare dirs.