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DataElement Table

Each DataElement has a page containing a table with the instances of this DataElement.

The columns of the table are defined by the info projection. To add a field to the info projection, set isInfoField to true for that field:

<dataElement name="Starship">
<field name="field1">

The info projection can also contain Calculated Fields.


cruds.table.pageSize ApplicationApplicationInstanceComponentDataElement

Set the pageSize of the table on the DataElement page, or provide multiple comma-separated values to get a dropdown. Setting it to unlimited will disable paging.

<cruds.table.pageSize>10, 20, 50</cruds.table.pageSize>
cruds.table.hide FieldCalculatedFieldReferenceField

Removes the column for a field from the table of a DataElement. Though this table is normally constructed out of the info projection, some fields cannot be excluded from a projection. This option allows those to be hidden in the UI.