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Account Component


In component account a number of configuration DataElements are defined to manage user interaction as login and data access: Account, User, UserGroup and Profile.

A user belongs to an account (e.g. an organization) and has a certain profile (e.g. user, administrator, super user). A user can also belong to a certain usergroup. Data access can be configured at 3 levels: for a usergroup, for a profile and for an individual user. Depending on his profile, when a user is logged in, he will see a certain menu to access a number of DataElement screens. Since version 2.3 of the NS Expanders, this menu is based on JavaScript and will expand and collapse by clicking on the menu label on top of the page; a label is shown for every submenu (a submenu is a collection or group of menu items).

The menu items and the item groups can be configured by an XML file containing a configuration section for every user profile that is used in the application. In case the NS application is expanded without making use of the base component account (since version 3.0 of the NS expanders it is possible to use the expansion setting BASECOMPS MODE=NONE whereby no base components will be generated), the value default should be used for the menu attribute profile.