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The angular-expanders bundle is a set of expanders capable of generating an Angular front-end app.


With the angular-expanders you can create a front-end for the JEE Application Stack. A separate application gets expanded next to the JEE stack. This application makes use of the model-view-viewmodel pattern. The angular-expander is built with a dependency on the rest-expanders, it uses the generated jaxrs endpoints.


At the moment this is not a replacement for the generated Knockout UI, it can be used next to it.

Expansion resources

The following expansion resources are available for use in applications:

  • net.democritus:angular-expanders@4.2.0: The main expander bundle, which expands an angular front-end project next to the main NS application stack.

  • net.democritus:angular-jaxrs-stack@4.2.0: A complete stand-alone bundle which combines a rest-jaxrs-stack bundle, the angularProjects-validation and the angular-expanders themselves. With this resource there's no need to add any of its dependencies to the application unless a specific version is needed.