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The SQL expanders can be used to generate initial database scripts for an application. This includes both the initial set of the database table structures and scripts to provision initial data.


When creating an NS application, it is often cumbersome to set up a new database for it to work with. The SQL Expanders aim to assist with this by generating scripts that can provision a complete database structure that matches the technical requirements of an NS application.

There is support for several database technologies and their respective SQL dialects, as well as most persistence related options available for the JEE application stack. The supported databases are listed below:


The following artifacts are relevant for development:

  • net.democritus:sql-expanders@4.0.0: The expansion resources which can be used to expand the SQL scripts.
  • net.democritus:sql-expanders-data@4.0.0: A library containing the necessary infrastructure to read and write the XML-based format to represent initial data for NS applications.