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Enum Types

Enum Types are an experimental extension of the elements metamodel. They allow you to create ValueTypes for which the possible values are enumerated in the model.

Enum-types are split into 2 expander bundles. Use the enum-type-rest-expanders if you want to integrate with the rest-expanders.

net.democritus.experimental.enumtypes:enum-type-expanders::0.0.2 net.democritus.experimental.enumtypes:enum-type-rest-expanders::0.0.2

Defining EnumType

EnumTypes are defined in a Component. In the Component model directory, add your EnumType models under valueTypes.

E.g. this describes a FileChangeType enum:

<valueType name="FileChangeType" type="enumTypeElements::EnumType">
<enumValueType name="ADD">
<description>File was created</description>
<enumValueType name="MODIFY">
<description>File was updated</description>
<enumValueType name="DELETE">
<description>Files was removed</description>
<enumValueType name="RENAME">
<description>File was moved or renamed</description>
<enumValueType name="COPY">
<description>File is a copy from another file</description>

The ValueType can then be used as target for ValueField#type:

<field name="changeType">
<type name="FileChangeType"/>

You can use the defaultValue option on a Field to define one of the enums as initial value:

<field name="changeType">
<type name="FileChangeType"/>

Known Issues

  • EnumTypes do not work with the isRequired option of the REST-expanders on the enum field. This option generates a test that does not compile, because it is not yet implemented for ValueTypes.
  • When changing a field to the new EnumType, also update the commands for the REST API's, otherwise it will not compile.
  • You will have to use at least version 1.15.9 of the micro-radiant, otherwise your project will not be able to load.

Missing Integrations

  • Angular-expanders
  • Knockout UI