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Expansion-Resources Stacks

Expansion-resource can include dependencies on other expansion-resources. These dependencies will be fetched if the expansion-resource is not defined in the expansionSettings.xml.

We can use this mechanism to create bundles of expansion-resources. The nsx-default-stack is such a bundle. It only defines a set of dependencies on other expansion-resources.

To create a new stack, we must create an expansion-resource that declares the selected expansion-resources as dependencies.

Let's say we want to create my-stack which contains the nsx-default-stack and our own my-jpa-expanders. First we should create a Maven project file for the expansion-resource:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""




We define the project basedir as root directory to prevent the plugin.

Then we add the other expansion-resources as dependencies.


Building this project will create a my-stack-1.0.0.jar. You can add it to your local or remote maven repository. We can now use the expansion-resource by adding it as net.demo:my-stack@1.0.0