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Moving Expanders to a new location

Renaming Expanders, changing the package, or changing the artifact path can lead to issues with backwards compatibility:

  • Features from other expansion-resources are linked to the Expander by name and package. Changing them causes the links to be unresolvable.
  • Harvest files are placed in a location specific to the artifact path. Changing this causes harvested custom code to disappear.

For this purpose, there is a DataResource type ExpanderRelocation, which describes how to remap the old locations to the new ones.

<dataResource type="expansionControl::ExpanderRelocation">
<relocation name="Move ComponentDefaultTranslationExpander to COMMON">
<!-- Original Expander name and package -->

<!-- All of these are optional: -->
<!-- Change Expander name/package so Features can be remapped -->
<!-- Define original artifact path/name, so that outdated harvest files can be found. -->