Build Profiles

Expanders 3.2.0+ will support greater variability in decreasing the build time of a project when using the maven build tool. Some standard profiles to skip the baseComponents and/or the client layer during your build.

On application level:

  • full(default): maven will build all modules, including the baseComponents
  • slim: run with -Pslim, skip the baseComponents during the build

When not building the baseComponents, these jars will have to be downloaded from a repository or build beforehand with mvn install. Once the jars are available, builds can be run without recompiling the baseComponents since they will likely not have changed since the last build.

On component level:

  • withClient(default): maven will build all layers, including the client layer
  • noClient: run with -PnoClient, skip the client layer during the build

It is also possible to add additional custom profiles to make further improvements.


Release Expander version Change
201712 3.2.0 implemented configurable build profiles