Processing Context

If a task is being executed, a ProcessingContext object is added to the ParameterContext.


The BasicProcessingContext class provides the following information:

  • implementation: implementation class to be used when executing the task, usually provided by a stateTask or the Task agent.
  • paramsName: String parameter that is passed to the implementation class when executing the task (also provided by the stateTask or agent)


The FlowProcessingContext extends the BasicProcessingContext with more information on the orchestrating workflow:

  • runId: an id defining the current run of the engineService (see RunId)
  • workflow: an element reference (with name and component) to the workflow
  • targetDataElement: an element reference to the target data element of the workflow
  • sequencingStrategy: see sequencing
  • taskChain: a sorted chain of stateTasks that is used by the sequencer to execute tasks in sequence.


The TaskProcessingContext extends the FlowProcessingContext with more information on the task being executed:

  • taskElement: an element reference to the target task element
  • beginState, interimState, endState and failedState
  • stateTask: a details object of the stateTask


Release Expander version Change
3.0.0 3.0.0 BasicProcessingContext
201712 3.2.0 Introduced FlowProcessingContext and TaskProcessingContext