The EngineBean orchestrates a workflow;

  1. All stateTasks in the workflow are retrieved. These represent the different steps in a workflow.
  2. The stateTasks are sorted according to begin and end state, so that all stateTasks are executed in order. The implementation will first break up any loops and then flatten the workflow tree so that each stateTask that has an end-state that is the begin-state of another stateTask can be found before the second task.
  3. For each stateTask, the engine will then retrieve all instances with a status equal to the begin-state of that stateTask

If multiple engines work on the same workflow in parallel, it is best use to claims to prevent them from interfering with each other.

Orchestrate method in the EngineBean finds, sorts and processes stateTasks: EngineBean: orchestrate


Release Expander version Change
201712 3.2.0 implemented use of claims and parallel processing