Data Element Types

The type of a data element describes how it behaves, and what its relation is to other data elements. In current applications, data element types do not yet have a functional implementation, but this can of course change. Additionally, there is active research ongoing about the data element types, and a correct classification using the current standard is therefore essential.

Data Type Color Explanation
Primary Blue The main type of data, usually anthropomorphic classes
Taxonomy Red Used when listing different types (such as this very list)
Registry Purple Listings of background data (lists of cities, time zones, etc)
Directory Green Listings where the hierarchical place of the object is of importance
History Cyan Used for creating historical logging of some sort (usually has a couple of Date fields)
Security Yellow Data elements which handle security, such as access rights
Proxy Orange Describes a remote element. This can be another data element, another normalized system, or an external system (like the interface to a physical device)