Data Element States

A data element must have a ‘status’ field for it to be a target of a flow element. This ‘status’ field has to have the following properties:

  1. It must be a valueField with value-type ‘String’
  2. It must either be named ‘status’ or have a field-option called isStatusField. In the latter case, a finder needs to be defined for this field.

Status in workflow

The status of a data element is used to keep track of the position of an instance in a workflow. A workflow defines a number of stateTasks which define the transitions between states in that workflow.

Data State

It is possible to explicitly define states by creating DataStates (see ‘States’ tab under ‘Data element’). These values are then expanded as a <dataElement>State enum:

public enum InvoiceState implements IStateDef {

  private String status;

These enums describe the different states, which can be retrieved through the getStatus() method.