DataOption isClaimable

To define that a data element can be claimed, add the option isClaimable. The value of the option should point to the correct claimElement (<component>.<element>).

If the value of the option is left blank, it will default to a claim element with name <component>.<component>Claim (e.g. for component ‘euRent’, ‘euRent.EuRentClaim’).

If the option has been added, it will generate methods for claiming and releasing instances:

public SearchResult<DataRef> claimBatchByStatus(ParameterContext<BatchRequest> parameter) {
  // ...

public CrudsResult<Void> releaseClaims(ParameterContext<ReleaseRequest> parameter) {
  // ...

Adding this option also makes it possible to define finders based on claims


Release Expander version Change
201712 3.2.0 implemented