DataOption insertTableIds

This option adds id’s to the table of the target data-element. The value should contain all fields that should be included in the id and should be defined as:


Row id

Each row of the data element will receive an id that is based on the element and fields as defined in the option’s value.

Id’s have the form:


E.g. a row of an instance of Invoice with name ‘Invoice 1’ will look like:

<tr id="tutorialComp-invoice-invoice-1-row" data-bind="...">

Note that the name is tranformed to fit the id. The transformation being applied is:

  • alphanumeric and ‘_’ => lowercase
  • other characters => ‘-‘

Table cell id

Each cell in the table similarly receives an id, with the added information of the field name:


E.g. for a field named createdOn:

<td id="tutorialComp-invoice-invoice-1-createdon-cell" class="..." data-bind="...">

Known issues

For version, this option only works with info fields with the type String.


Release Expander version Change
201803 implemented