DataOption functionalKey

The option functionalKey should contain one or more field-names (separated with an _). If defined, a <DataElement>DataRef class will be expanded that contains the extra fields defined in the option’s value.

This new dataRef class will then be used when fetching data from the dataBase. Adding this option forces all functional fields to be contained in each projection.

It is also possible to create a new DataRef with only the functional fields with the method withFunctionalKey(...). This DataRef can then be used in the getProjection, create, modify etc. without the need of an id. Although it is not yet supported by the find method.

The dataRef can be converted from and to a String with the <DataElement>DataRefConverter, using :: as separator.

Generated artifacts

  • <DataElement>DataRef is expanded iff the option functionalKey is defined
  • <DataElement>DataRefConverter is expanded always, with a default implementation when the option functionalKey is not defined


  • With the current implementation, it is not possible to have more than 1 linkField in the key.


Release Expander version Change
2019.5.1 4.0.1 Implemented option