Data Command

In the basic expansion of the DataElement, the standard operations for manipulating the DataElement and for retrieving it are made available. If there is a need to add extra functionality, there are at least three options:

  • define a custom method on the Logic Bean, and implement custom handling for this in the pipeline, up to the browser
  • define a task
  • define a command

Although the first option is entirely viable, and of course the most flexible, it usually involves quite a lot of work, because one has to add custom code in most layers, in order to make the functionality work.

Compared to Task

A task performs its work based on the information that is available in the data element, that it operates on. A command contains the basic data, that it needs to operate. A command can be send to a specific instance of a data element, or to the logic bean, if no data element is specified as a target in the command.

Field Description
Name A name
Has target instance Boolean that indicates whether the command operates on a specific instance or not