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Workflows 1.6.0 & ProcessAutomation 0.1.0

· 2 min read
Jorren Hendriks
Jorren Hendriks
R&D Engineer

We have been hard at work on the process automation component, which supersedes the workflow component.


workflow-model-stack 1.6.1
process-automation-component 0.1.2

Workflow model

The first step is moving away from database config into the model. The workflow model allows you to define all workflows statically. It also provides bindings for the workflow component such that it automatically updates the database configuration when changes are made to the model. Having the information in the model also gives the MicroRadiant the ability to visualize your workflows.

We also provide a tool for importing existing database configuration into the model.

Stack Rename

From version 1.6.0 onwards, the stack resource is called net.democritus.workflow:workflow-model-stack.

This previously was net.democritus.workflow:workflows-metamodel-stack.

Process automation component

A preview release is now available for the new process automation component!


The version starts with 0.x.x. This is to indicate it is still likely breaking changes are introduced as we move towards a stable 1.0.0 release.

The component is a new approach to workflows, designed with more flexibility in mind. The key distinction is queue based processing, where the previous component could only handle timed polling. This means we can now start supporting a wide range of triggers, such as CRUD events, transitions, cron schedules and even the flow engines you're already familiar with.


Migration can be quite involved depending on the current state of your application. To ease the difficulty, we provide a migration guide with smaller steps so applications can incrementally adopt the new component.

It is recommended for all applications to at least perform Step 1 (workflow model) and Step 2 (task outcome model). This will already give some advantages like model-based configuration and makes it easier to adopt process automation on a stable release.