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Angular Expanders 4.4.0

· One min read
Jan Hardy
Jan Hardy
R&D Engineer

Migration guide


Using the option angular.hasCustomBranding we can toggle the default nsx branding off and have custom anchors instead.


Some of the anchor names have been changed:

  • index.html: favicon -> branding-favicon
  • _default-theme.scss: colors -> branding-colors
  • _default-theme.scss: typography -> branding-typography
  • _default-theme.scss: density -> branding-density
  • layout.html: sidebar-branding -> branding-sidebar


Option angular.hasCustomHeaderContent can be used to turn off the default expanded behaviour of the top bar. With the option angular.hasCustomTableRowActions on a DataView you can have custom anchors instead of the default actions in a table.


Some of the anchor names have been changed:

  • layout.html: header-content -> customization-header-content

Ngx-ns-core update

The size of the runtime library was getting to big for the application's initial load. For this reason the library has been split up in smaller sub-entries, which improves load times and tree-shaking. However, this changed the imports for these runtime components and services.

import { AlertService } from '@nsx/ngx-ns-core'
import { AlertService } from '@nsx/ngx-ns-core/alert'

Angular Expanders 4.3.0

· 2 min read
Jan Hardy
Jan Hardy
R&D Engineer

Changes and improvements

This update contains a lot of improvements for wiring capabilities, making it easier to reuse expanded elements in custom pages.

List page refactored

The expanded list page has been updated to use the new table with multi sort capabilities. The table is extracted from the page component and resides in its separate DataViewTable component. It now uses the upgraded filter component, that is generated based on the QuerySearch setup. Filtering state between the ngx-ns-core component and the generated dropdown form is managed by the new DataConnectorFilterSource service. Instead of managing the pagination, filtering and sorting manually in the list component, a DataConnectorDataSource service has been introduced to make this easier.

Table refactored

Breaking change: Existing components nsx-table, nsx-table-column and directive [nsxTableCell] have been replaced with counterparts from the ngx-ns-core library.

The table now has multi sort capabilities, supports sticky headers and columns, and accepts a NscDataSource as well as data arrays.

Paginator refactored

Breaking change: Existing component nsx-paginator has been replaced with counterpart from the ngx-ns-core library.

Filter refactored

Breaking change: Existing component nsx-table-search has been replaced with counterpart from the ngx-ns-core library. The filtering capabilities have been upgraded.

Angular Expanders 4.2.0

· 3 min read
Jan Hardy
Jan Hardy
R&D Engineer

Changes and improvements

Upgrade to Angular 17 and Angular Material 17

In the previous release (4.1.x) we upgraded to from Angular 14 to 16, but used legacy Angular Material 14 components. Now we have upgraded completely to the latest 17 version.

Breaking change: in routing change name and isBreadcrumb data entries to breadcrumb. The former is replaced by breadcrumb and the latter has become obsolete.

Styling setup refactored

Breaking change: _theme-to-material-component-exposer.scss has been replaced with _theme-to-component-exposer.scss. Material expose mixin _theme-to-css-classes-exposer.scss has been deleted. Behaviour can be re-added custom if wanted.

Switch to Material symbols

We switched to Material symbols instead of Material icons as default icon font set.

Added use of Angular library

Created the ngx-ns-core library containing runtime components, services and directives. Some of the expanded components and services have already been migrated, e.g. sidebar, top-bar, breadcrumbs, etc.