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Expanders 6.4.0

· 2 min read
Koen De Cock
Koen De Cock
R&D Engineer


The expansion resources below provide Expanders 6.4.4.


Changes and improvements

Java 17

Since Expanders 6.0.0, the expanders jars are compiled for Java 17. This means that expansion can only be executed with JDK 17 or higher.

However, expanded code is still java 8 compatible.

enteredBy, enteredAt, lastModifiedBy and lastModifiedAt

There are some field names that, when used, would add additional behavior:

  • enteredAt: filled in with a timestamp when the instance is created
  • enteredBy: filled in with a dataRef to the user that created the instance
  • lastModifiedAt: updated with a timestamp each time the instance is modified
  • lastModifiedBy: updated with a dataRef to the user that modified it

There are now options that add the same behavior and can be added to any field (with the correct type).

  • enteredAt: option audit.create.timestamp
  • enteredBy: option
  • lastModifiedAt: option audit.modify.timestamp
  • lastModifiedBy: option

The options are still implicitly added to the fields with those specific names.

Maven deprecation warnings

Maven builds will now show warnings when deprecated code is used. Can be disabled with maven.hideDeprecationWarnings.

Expander development changes

Removed LayerImplementationHelper class

The LayerImplementationHelper class has been removed. This was an internal class, but due to the complexity of the problem it solved, chances are it was still used by other expansion-resources. You can use this guide to replace the code.

Introduction of Tags

Tags have been introduced to provide better support for Expander conditions. Read more here.