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Angular Expanders 4.4.0

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Jan Hardy
Jan Hardy
R&D Engineer

Migration guide


Using the option angular.hasCustomBranding we can toggle the default nsx branding off and have custom anchors instead.


Some of the anchor names have been changed:

  • index.html: favicon -> branding-favicon
  • _default-theme.scss: colors -> branding-colors
  • _default-theme.scss: typography -> branding-typography
  • _default-theme.scss: density -> branding-density
  • layout.html: sidebar-branding -> branding-sidebar


Option angular.hasCustomHeaderContent can be used to turn off the default expanded behaviour of the top bar. With the option angular.hasCustomTableRowActions on a DataView you can have custom anchors instead of the default actions in a table.


Some of the anchor names have been changed:

  • layout.html: header-content -> customization-header-content

Ngx-ns-core update

The size of the runtime library was getting to big for the application's initial load. For this reason the library has been split up in smaller sub-entries, which improves load times and tree-shaking. However, this changed the imports for these runtime components and services.

import { AlertService } from '@nsx/ngx-ns-core'
import { AlertService } from '@nsx/ngx-ns-core/alert'